Paloma Pestonit | Global Communications Director, Barcelona

“Stéphane helped me prepare for an important interview in an airline company, as a communication director, with a global scope. His help was invaluable to me as he gave me the keys to understand and interact with a company based on multiculturalism. Stéphane also provided me with tools to get to know me better and therefore leverage my own multiculturalism!”

Nancy Buda | Group Product Development Manager, Lugano

“I met Stéphane last year during the recruitment process for my current role, and I must say it was a wonderful experience. Stéphane is incredibly dedicated, he really goes above and beyond to make sure he matches the right people with the right job, and the right company culture. Stéphane was extremely supportive during the whole recruitment process, which was very important during that pivotal time in my life, he really cares about the candidate well-being, which is not something very common these days. I personally appreciated that he took a very different approach to recruitment, having the right skills for the role was the base, he really focused on having the right mindset, values and culture, which is particularly important when being part of a multicultural environment.”

Constance Gallay | Digital Lab Manager, Paris

“Stephane is a true gem. His energy, empathy and intelligence are so valuable in a recruitment process. He has the ability to be an active and supportive component throughout, when the path might be confusing for the candidate. A sort of lifeline. He goes beyond his scope and makes sure everyone has the right level of information, without being intruding. Thanks to him, I have now joined a great professional adventure, within a very stimulating environment. I strongly recommend his service. You would be lucky to cross his path.”

Alain Froger | EMEA Sales Director

“I’ve had a great time working with Stéphane over the last 6 months where he was tasked to identify and qualify 3 graduates (Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt) for our company. Not an easy task but his creativity, network and drive allowed him to get us the right people. SJO excels in connecting people together and looking for news ways of doing things. Constantly thinking “out of the box”. He’s also hired a Dealer Business manager for me who happens to be really good too. I do recommend SJO for your future recruitments.”