At Haute Culture, we have grown a specific expertise in consulting our clients on digital best practices to identify, interact with and engage with leadership profiles on the market, covering executive roles within their organizations to impact and take on global operations while influencing global projects.
With experience filling executive positions EMEA wise using our digital savvy mindset, our RPO approach offers valuable advantage to our clients, such as:

  • Cost saving recruitment fees compared to high consulting firm ones
  • Onsite / full-time presence and availability to address key challenges while being in touch with your employees
  • Tangible impact on employer branding actions with dedicated brand ambassador role
  • Ensuring HR best practices at all time
  • Operational resources optimization based on efficient and proven industry KPIs

Better than words, here below you can have a view at our recent track record

 IT Global Manager Industrial Services >100K€ Paris
Chief Marketing OfficerOnline Retail Services100K€Barcelona
IT Lean ManagerIndustrial Services70-80K€Paris
Sr. Software ManagerOnline Retail Services120K€Los Angeles
Digital Marketing ManagerOnline Services90-100K€San Francisco
Sr. Advertising ManagerOnline Retail Services70-80K€Barcelona
Sr. Product ManagerIndustrial & Retail Services100K€Lugano
Digital Strategy ManagerOnline Services80-90K€NYC
Digital Lab DirectorIndustrial & Retail Services90-100K€Paris / Sao Paulo
IT Project ManagerIndustrial & Retail Services80-90K€Paris / Sao Paulo
Senior IT ArchitectIndustrial Services90-100K€Paris