Have you ever heard of ‘cognitive bias’? If you are here, you most likely have! Cognitive bias are misinterpreted pieces of information supporting our existing beliefs where we choose to ignore perspectives that could challenge our own beliefs. Often times, it is the result of social or cultural pressure, but they can also arise from our own mental shortcuts. These shortcuts are more than normal and most time efficient, they allow us to process information quickly without having to even think about it, and we do it about 95% of the time!

So, while cognitive bias are extremely hard to ‘control’, they are extremely harmful… And that is the reason why it can be a disastrous liability when interacting in projects involving diverse workforce!

Often times, organizations see themselves as diverse, and they are! On paper at least (gender equality, race equality, etc, etc.). However, using the appropriate tools, we can measure the cognitive diversity index of a company, which can lead to unusual results (a local company with 80% of white males having a major index than a remote company with a 50% gender balance and 6 nationalities). And this can easily be explained by the fact that in 2020, being white or black does/should not mean diversity anymore; the real diversity, the one that causes projects to stagnate, is the clash of values and beliefs between teams!

So, how to map efficiently your organization cognitive diversity index?


One of the many features of the GlobalDISC solutions is the GROUP REPORT one, which measures the cognitive diversity index of a group to reveal its blind spot. And what’s better even, you can do it from the entire organization to a smaller scale, such as a department, or even a temporary team!
This features allows you to get a deep grasp on why some of your teams may not be collaborating at their full potential. Many teams do not actually.