Digital Marketing Director (M/F)

> 14 years of experience
> Lives in Paris
> Salary: from 90K€

Currently working as an international digital program director, this candidate has worked for top consumer brands acquiring a large range of skills, from strategic communication to brand management, and of course digital strategy.

Certified in Google analytics and Salesforce Trailhead, this candidate is very familiar with software engineering and is certified with Tableau.

Having worked extensively with the pharmaceutical industry, our candidate is recognized for his/her product development competences as well as the ability to coordinate cross functional projects, using a fine balance between analytics and strategic planing.

Currently managing up to 5 digital strategists between Europe and Asia, this talent has been helping global accounts to set up successful digital campaigns and support their strategical digital transition efforts.

Languages spoken: French /English

Global IT Manager / CIO (M/F)

> 20 years of experience
> Lives in Paris
> Salary: from 110K€

Currently leading the strategical initiatives of a global group’s IT transformation, this professional is responsible for a team of around 20 to 25 persons, balanced between technical talents and business talents.

Building IT infrastructure is her/his bread and butter. From virtualization to cloud and utilities, our candidate has been coordinating and building transversal business applications to help global organizations and their clients achieve their digital transformations.

Graduated in telecommunication engineering with 15 years working for a top global industrial company in 3 different countries, major skills are BPO, call for tenders, performance management as well as continuous improvement.

Languages spoken: French / Italien / English