Global Digital Recruitment

We offer cross cultural and digital savvy recruitment consulting services. Weather you are looking to temporary support your talent acquisition efforts or need to fill complex executive roles with global dexterity, our expertise is flexible and can be plugged to your current resources

ICQ through GlobalDISC

We offer top notch digital solutions to map your diversity index and deliver the blueprint of cultural intelligence at an individual, team or company level. By doing so, we help our client and their leadership leverage cross cultural interactions

Interactive cognitive coaching

Adapting to a new (corporate) culture can be quite challenging and takes time, and efforts. Based on certified cognitive concetp (CCE, NLP), we deliver an interactive coaching experience through customised digital solutions (gamification)

While we offer a full range of HR services, mostly oriented towards human capital, at Haute Culture, we believe that recruitment goes way beyond the so-called ‘cultural fit’. Our expertise has shown us that there is no certainty that people sharing interests and values in the first place will experience the exact same feelings and emotions under pressure. Change is though, and the stress experienced in the first 6 months of a new career path, involving new values and beliefs, can lead to a complete failure…

This is where ICQ brings new solutions, allowing us, human being, to look at a complex and uncomfortable situation from a different perspective, objectively and emotionally-controlled. We already know it, soft skills are as important as hard skills.

That is the reason why we were early adopters of the ‘culture add’ school of thoughts, which consist of mapping our clients’ cultural diversity index to feed their teams with cognitive-prepared professionals. The candidates we provide our clients with are finely evaluated and trained according to our certified standards and are able to leverage the complex cultural diversity layer within the company that matters most, the cognitive one!

“90% of strategy is execution, and 90% of execution is interaction”

With over 150 CEOs from fortune 500 companies pointing out that 8 out of 9 skills and mindsets of efficient leadership are directly linked to cultural intelligence (CQ), there are no more spaces for CQ deficiency.

Within our ecosystem, we thrive to surround ourselves with key players, expert in digital solutions and global knowledge.


Catenon is the multinational technology-based Executive Search Company, which strives to search for, assess and present candidates from around the world to their clients, wherever the stakeholders may be!


ICQ Global is dedicated to working with leaders and teams who have a clear vision and outstanding skills, but they are not sure why they are getting just a fraction of the results they are capable of. ICQ Global has combined the latest business data with academic research to develop the multi award-winning, internationally accredited portfolio of assessments, training and coaching to bring out the best in you and your team.


Founded in 1903, TBS Education is present today across 5 campuses: Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Casablanca and London. TBS is one of the few schools with triple international accreditation: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. Open to the world, TBS has signed over 200 exchange agreements with universities spread across the globe. Nearly 80 nationalities are interacting on a regular basis across our campuses!